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Installation Instructions

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How to Choose your Old Rose Hardware:

Please note that Old Rose Trim Sets do not have a locking function and are meant to be used on door where security is not an issue.

1. Check the type of locks on your doors.  Most old doors used mortise locks.  Remove the lock fill the mortise pocket opening with a piece of solid wood and fill the gaps with wood filler. You will need to re-drill the door to accept the Old Rose adaptor.

If you have new or old doors with “quick set” hardware, remove knobs and the tube latch and you will have holes that are ready for your Old Rose trim. Likewise, if you have a new, pre-drilled door, you are ready to install our Old Rose hardware.

You may have a hybrid lock set: a tube latch that is turned by just knobs on a spindle. Remove this hardware and drill the doors to accept modern hardware.

2. Select your doorknobs. First make sure they use a 1/4” spindle, which is the standard size for passage doors. Next, note if they use a threaded spindle and if so, that the proper set screws are still in the shank. Read About Spindles & Attaching Doorknobs.

Make sure that the doorknobs have straight shanks that will fit into one of the Old Rose rosettes. See Shank Styles in the Virtual Museum at WebWilson.com.

Remove the knobs from the spindles. If this is difficult or impossible you may have to look for other doorknobs. You can use old spindles but you will need to read the section on Installation first.

Measure the shank diameter of you doorknobs.

3. Choose an Old Rose rosette. Go to the Rosettes Gallery and choose a style you like. Make sure the shank opening is wide enough to accept your doorknob. See the ORH Dimensions chart for all product dimensions.

Read about custom orders if you need a special size or design.

Check the Virtual Museum Galleries on WebWilson.com to learn more about antique hardware designs.

4. Choose the finish you prefer. Go to the Finishes page to choose the closest color match to your doorknobs.

5. Place your order. Enter the online Old Rose Store and select the products and options you want. Please double check that you have selected the correct finish.

Please email service@oldrosehardware.com with your questions or comments.